hand letting go edit    We found that many college students are overwhelmed with the feeling that they have to choose a major that will lead to a certain career they might have for the rest of their life. This idea can cause a lot of stress in college students. We set out to falsify that myth and show that a career path can bend and turn with flexibility throughout our lives. Our majors do not determine the rest of our careers and are only  the very beginning to our careers.
         The people around us are one of our greatest resources to learn more about different professions and to answer our questions and give us advice. This project aims to teach students about networking and informational interviewing in order to further their knowledge of career paths.  Our vision is to create videos that teach UVA students about different career paths and careers in order to relieve the stress that we have to figure it all out now. We started off with a graduate school series and interviewed various graduate students and then interviewed a few professionals.
The Team
  • Toby Loewenstein, Class of 2013, Psychology Major and Leadership Minor:

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 11.53.18 AM

  • Ali Clark, Class of 2014, Psychology Major:


  • Margaret Furr, Class of 2014, History Major:


  • Zakiya Nurse, Class of 2014, Anthropology Major and Psychology Minor:
  • Stéphane Glynn, Class of 2013, Media Studies and Psychology Major, Dance Minor



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